Yosemite Weekend

Yosemite SM13-218

Although I’m still not finished with my Colorado Plateau Odyssey series, I must needs take a short break to cover another special place. I spent last weekend in Yosemite to attend a wedding at the Wawona Hotel. I didn’t take many photos at the wedding (I left that to the professionals); but I did take a few snaps just to capture the atmosphere of the place:

After the wedding I spent a day photographing Yosemite. To be sure, August is not the best time of the year to photograph Yosemite. It’s hot and dry; the waterfalls have little to no water in them; the skies are often cloudless and boring; and it’s very crowded. However, it’s still Yosemite, one of the most beautiful places on earth; and if you get out early enough in the morning (like before 9 am), it’s not that crowded. I arrived at the floor around 6:30 and had very little company for the next hour and a half. Typical for summer, the morning was entirely cloudless:

El Capitan was, per usual, very striking with the morning sun beating against it while the Merced River stood by reflecting upon the scene:

By noon the light had changed the scene dramatically:

Similar effect can be seen in the following two images:

More pics from the valley:

And here’s an illustration of why I prefer shooting primes, when possible. I did not take any of my landscape primes, opting instead for the Pentax DA 16-45 f4 to do all my landscape heavy lifting. So when shooting into the sun, I get this image, bursting at the seams with flare: