Oregon Coast 1: Cape Blanco

Oregon Coast SP17-541

Cape Blanco is a prominent coastal headland that constitutes the westernmost part of Oregon. Cape Blanco State Park features a lighthouse, an old historic house build out of old growth Port Orford cedar, and stunning coastal views. On both my recent visits, it was overcast. On the first visit, I toured the historic Hughes house, a Queen Anne-style residence constructed in the late nineteenth century. The house has been refurbished to give visitors a taste of what it might have been like when still in use. Here follows some images of the place:

The next time I visited Cape Blanco, I toured the lighthouse. Tickets cost $2. They allow one to conduct a guided tour of the lens room at the top of the lighthouse. Here are images from that tour:

To conclude, a couple of coast view shots, under overcast skies: