Mohu Learns to Climb

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-1354

Mohu, the red panda cub born to Stella Luna and Sumo, has been busy the last five weeks learning the art of climbing, something all self-respecting red pandas must master. Early on it was a bit of a struggle for her. Climbing up was easier than climbing down:

But once on the high branches, things could get scary for the little cub, and she would often run to her mother for help:

And her mother would help her by carrying her down, literally by the scruff of the neck:

Climbing down was initially a problem for Mohu. One time she stepped out of her den but could go no further:

Eventually, she tried to climb back into the den, slipped, and nearly fell.

As Mohu matured, she began to be able to climb all by herself, with no assistance from her mother:

Mohu has even learned how to climb down, which has always been more difficult than going up: