Otters 2: In the Water

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-3597

As challenging as it may be to photograph the three otter brothers in the Sequoia Park Zoo’s “Watershed Heroes Exhibit” may be, it’s even more difficult to photograph them in the water portion of the exhibit. There is a glass front to the water tank which allows one to see the critters swimming both above and below the water surface. But shooting through the glass brings about all sorts of problems. There are reflections on the glass, smudges, the light is mostly coming directly at the photographer (you are looking south), and the otters are constantly moving. Good luck trying to get even half-way decent images under such circumstances! With that caveat in mind, here is selection of images taken of the otters swimming, in bad light and worse light. First, some images of the otters playing:

Some of these images I have desaturated in order to attempt to deal with colored reflections on the glass. Here’s one more “otters playing” image. Note that in this shot two of the otters have grabbed, with their teeth, the hide of the third:

Now some images of otters just swimming about for the sheer joy of it:

Sequoia Park Zoo WI14-3