Colorado Plateau Photo Odyssey 8: Canyonlands

Shafer Canyon SP13-87

From Colorado National Monument, I ventured to the Moab area, staying at Arches View Campground on Route 191 just a quarter of a mile north of the road to Island in the Sky section of Canyonlands. On the afternoon of my first day in the area, I explored the part of the road stretching from the entrance into Canyonlands all the way to Grand View Point Overlook:

The sky was virtually cloudless and the light a bit on the harsh side, so it wasn’t great time for photography. The road takes you to several places where you can stop and walk to the edge of the Island in the Sky, which is large plateau or mesa that rises between the Colorado and Green rivers. The canyons of Canyonlands are primarily carved by these two rivers, with smaller canyons created by flash flood drainages. The following images give you an idea of what you see when glancing toward the Colorado River on the east side of the park:

Although it was spring, I did not see very many desert flowers in bloom. There were, however, a few tiny red flowers blooming:

On the evening of my second day in the Moab area I spent the waning minutes of daylight at Green River Overlook. Perhaps the most conspicuous aspect of these overlook is a large dead tree:

I even got a shot of it the following morning:

More shots from Green River Overlook: