July 4th on the Boardwalk 1: Carnival!

Northcoast Misc. SM14-344

On the Fourth of July, 2014, the City of Eureka put on a fireworks show over Humboldt Bay which could be viewed from the “boardwalk,” a paved area on the waterfront along the downtown edge of the bay. The boardwalk can be seen in this Google Map excerpt:

Fireworks on the bay are always a bit dicey, because of the low hanging fog that can shroud the harbor at this time. It was cloudy most of the day on the Fourth, only briefly clearing up in mid-afternoon, only to cloud up again near evening. Then, miraculously, the clouds lifted a few hours before sunrise, revealing as beautiful an evening as we’ve seen in over a month:

A carnival of sorts had been set up adjacent to the boardwalk, with various amusement park rides:

The sun set about an hour before the fireworks were scheduled to start:

The carnival rides continued even after dark:

And people waited on the bay in kayaks for the festivities to begin: