Sugarloaf Peak

Lassen AU12-390
Sugarloaf Peak is a forested lava cone in the southern Cascade Range, about 15 miles north of Lassen Peak. The peak is comprised of quaternary volcanic rock and is dated somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 45 thousand years old. The symmetrical, cone-shaped mountain is 6,552’ in elevation and rises nearly 2,000’ from the Hat Creek Valley floor. The Hat Creek Overlook, which rises on the other side of the valley, provides an excellent platform from which to view the mountain. A fire has ravaged through the area. At both the overlook and on the peak itself one can detect all manner of burnt trees, which gives the place a unique atmosphere and provides delectable opportunities for the photographer.

The peak itself provides some interesting color, with small section of green arising in clumps along one side but most of it burned out and presenting a darkish purple-magenta hue under the autumnal sun:

Looking to the northwest from the Hat Creek Overlook, you can just make out Mount Shasta, arising in the distance: