Afternoon at Dry Lagoon

Sharp Point AU12-1

A few weeks back I spent an afternoon at Dry Lagoon State Park, north of Patrick’s Point and Big Lagoon on the California Northcoast:

Dry Lagoon is quite literally that: a dry lagoon, at least in the summer and fall. When the rains come it can turn into a large marsh. When I arrived there a few weeks ago, the lagoon was bone dry. If there’s no water in the lagoon, the main point of interest becomes Sharp Point, an immense rock that sticks out like a beacon into the cold Pacific. I tried to get a couple of long exposure shots of Sharp Point to turn the ocean surf into a sea of cloudy foam:

Then I tried to get some infrared shots:

I was hoping to get better photography weather: a bit more sun, and strong, darker, more menacing clouds over Sharp Point. Still, the weather did prove good for some infrared shots. Consider this unique driftwood resting in the sand on the beach of Dry Lagoon:

In infrared, it looks like this:

After getting these shots I followed my footsteps back to my vehicle in the parking lot: