Humboldt Bay 6: Arcata Bay

Humboldt Bay Refuges WI10-33

After the narrow channels created by Woodley and Indian Island, Humboldt Bay opens up into the larger, more ample, but incredibly shallow Arcata Bay:

Driving out of Eureka on Highway 101, you drive along the eastern edge of the bay. There are not a lot of places to stop along here, although there are a few, such as this marsh next to the Harper Motors dealership:

The highlight of Arcata Bay is the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary. It is made up of a series of marshes and ponds and even a meadow, around which trails connect and circumnavigate:

A wildlife sanctuary should have it’s fair share of critters; and the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary doesn’t disappoint in this respect. Quite a few birds of various descriptions, as well as the occasional mammalian quadruped:

As I noted earlier, Arcata Bay is rather shallow. When the tide runs low, a large portion of the bay disappears, turning into a massive field of mud, cut up with various rivulets and dotted with puddles, as seen in the photo below at high tide. At high tide, what you see below is filled with water: