Humboldt Easter Eve Sunrise

Humboldt Bay SP12-1

This morning at around 6:00 am I glanced out the window and noticed that it was mostly cloudy. I could see the moon trying to break through a fairly thick veil of clouds. But when I went outside, I noticed a gap in the east. There would be a sunrise under a cloud layer! What could be better? Sounded like an interesting photography opportunity. The difficulty is to find an easily accessible place from which to photograph the sunrise. There’s not really any good places within Eureka itself to photography sunrises. Best place is on the other side of Humboldt Bay, where you can photograph the sun rising over the water.

So I quickly grabbed a camera, a tripod, and a few lenses and drove to the other side of the bay, driving past Samoa and Fairhaven to a little county campground (it’s really just a large parking lot) from which there’s quick access to water. I got there just in time to get a few fleeting shots of the pre-sunset colors:

Then I looked for a place to photograph the sunset with some advantage. For this shot I used a ten stop ND filter combined with a four stop soft grad ND filter:

I’ve added some edits in lightroom to this image — mostly virtual grad filters using selective exposure and targeting white balance. But it my need more work, including composites with different exposure versions of the same image.

After the sun came up and the wind ruffled the surface of Humboldt Bay, I took some more shots: