Yosemite in February 2: Middle of Day

Yosemite WI15-229

After the early morning shoot at Swinging Bridge and vicinity, I went to Lower Yosemite Falls to see if I could catch the alleged rainbow. Well, it was sort of there:

Yosemite WI15-195

Next I explored the Sentinel Beach area (which was otherwise closed):

Yosemite WI15-230

Yosemite WI15-237

Next I found a prime parking spot near the El Capitan picnic area. From this location I would attempt to photograph the famous (or perhaps infamous) Horsetail Falls. More of that anon. But in meantime, while I waited for the big event, I went exploring and grabbed a few more shots of El Capitan and the scenery along the nearby Merced River:

Yosemite WI15-249

Yosemite WI15-258

Yosemite WI15-263

Yosemite WI15-310
Yosemite WI15-343