Bald Hills in Spring

Bald Hills SP16-73

The Bald Hills are a series of large hills — or, if you prefer, small mountains — south of the Klamath and Trinity rivers and directly north of Redwood Creek. A portion of these “hills” form a scenic section of Redwood National Park. About eight miles up the aptly named Bald Hills Road, the redwoods clear and you reach sections of open prairie framed by clumps of trees. Toward the southeastern section of the park, the hills really open up, and in the spring it’s not uncommon to find the fields dotted with patches of lupine. In 2014, there were whole fields of Lupine. But this year, they only existed in patches, some small, others fairly large.

Here’s a map of this section of the Bald Hills:

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 2.32.37 PM

Bald Hills Road, which connects to Highway 101 just north of Orick, turns into a dirt road in this section of the park. As the road turns along the West flank of Schoolhouse Peak, there could be found the largest patches of lupine, a few hundred feet before the turnoff to Lyons Ranch. They make a good subject during the morning hours when mists alternately thicken and clear among the rolling hills:

Bald Hills SP16-2

Bald Hills SP16-24

Bald Hills SP16-32

Bald Hills SP16-75

Bald Hills SP16-111

Bald Hills SP16-184

Bald Hills SP16-239

Bald Hills SP16-245

Dle Norte Redwoods SP16-282

Dle Norte Redwoods SP16-279