Southern Oregon Coast

Northwest Coast SM16-257

On the last weekend of summer I ventured north along Highway 101 from California into the far southern section of the Oregon Coast, passing Brookings and forging all the way to just beyond the Pistol River. There were high clouds over the coast at first,; later, after the sky had (mostly) cleared, some mists came forward and attacked some of the sea stacks and other miscellaneous seaside promontories.

Below is a hybrid satellite/map showing places along the Oregon coast where I took pictures that afternoon:

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 6.02.31 PM

I began north of the Pistol River in view of Cape Sebastian:

Northwest Coast SM16-326

Northwest Coast SM16-341

Next I ventured south to a fairly long section of the coast that is contained within the Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor. This consists of various trails and lookouts and beaches that one can hike or drive to. My first stop was at Windy Point, from which one can view “Arch Rock”:

Northwest Coast SM16-353

Then I stopped at the Natural Bridges overlook. The light was in the wrong direction, so it was difficult to photograph the so-called bridge:

Northwest Coast SM16-206

From there I went to Whaleshead Beach to grab a quick snapshot:

Then to Cape Ferrelo:

Northwest Coast SM16-365

Northwest Coast SM16-366

And, for my last stop of the afternoon, Lone Ranch Beach, photographed in the picture directly above from Cape Ferrelo:

Northwest Coast SM16-391

Northwest Coast SM16-400

Northwest Coast SM16-257

Northwest Coast SM16-395