Otters 1: On Land

Sequoia Park Zoo AU14-3410

Otters can be challenging creatures to photograph, because in the wild, they are shy and elusive, and in zoos, energetic and constantly on the move. For the three otters at the (fairly) new exhibit at Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California, there are two main areas you can shoot them: the pool area and the broader, “land” part of the exhibit. In this post, I will show some examples of the otters on land. The advantage of shooting the otters in the dry land portion of the exhibit is that you cleaner looks at them: you’re not shooting through thick, distortion inducing, resolution destroying glass. The disadvantages are (1) finding a good background to shoot them against; (2) getting an opportunity to shoot them in the dry part, as they spend much more time in the pool; (3) getting them to sit still for a moment so you get a “pose” shot can be challenging, as these otters are full of energy and rarely sit still for long. Here’s a selection of otter shots exhibiting varying degrees of success and failure in dealing with these disadvantages: