Colorado Plateau Photo Odyssey 9: Dead Horse Point State Park

Dead Horse Point SP13-63

Dead Horse Point State Park is almost an adjunct of Canyonlands National Park. However, the park is run by the state of Utah, not the federal government, and it costs $8.00 (separate from the $5 fee to enter Canyonlands) to gain access. The park sits on an immense jutting bluff which stands over a thousand feet above a canyon formed largely by the Colorado River. Here’s what Dead Horse Point looks like from below:

On a map, this is what it looks like:

As can be seen from this map, Dead Horse Point Overlook faces south, which means that early morning and evening are the best times to photograph there. I had but one brief evening to photograph Dead Horse; nor were conditions entirely optimal, as it was cloudless but a tad hazy. From the east side of the overlook, gazing toward Pyramid Butte, you can see the large ponds created by the Moab Salt Plant where Potash, a mineral used in fertilizer, is created through evaporation:

But the main feature of Dead Horse Point is the vantage point that it gives you into the canyon below — formed, like the Grand Canyon, by the Colorado River. Indeed, you could make the argument that the viewpoint from Dead Horse Point is the most scenic Colorado River vista other than the aforementioned Grand Canyon. Note how the colors change with the changing of the light, as evening draws to sunset and then settles into dusk:

Dead Horse Point SP13-63

Can’t wait to get back there to shoot it in the morning.