Logan's Pass and Hidden Lake Trail

Traveling east toward the Continental Divide in Glacier National Park, Going-to-the-sun-Road follows McDonald Creek for several miles before suddenly taking a dramatic turn and leading you right up the side of massive mountains. It climbs steadily along steep, hair-raising cliffs before reaching Logan’s Pass, at the Continental Divide:

On one side is the Pacific Ocean drainage, via (ultimately) the Columbia River. On the other side is not, as one might think, the Gulf of Mexico drainage, but the Hudson Bay drainage.

Here’s an image taken from Logan’s Pass of what is known as the Garden Wall, which is a long ridge of mountain along the side of which Going-to-the-Sun road clings precariously:

The Hidden Lake trail is one of the most popular trails in Glacier NP. During the summer months (which is about the only time its accessible), expect lots of people. The parking lot at Logan’s Pass will often fill before 8:30 in the morning. To get there later in the day you need to take the shuttle (which runs from the opening of Logan’s pass in late June or early July through Labor Day).

The Hidden Lake trail rises roughly 500 feet within the first 1.2 miles before crossing the Continental Divide:

Shortly thereafter is the Hidden Lake Overlook:

Another 2.7 miles (and 700 feet drop) will get you to the shore of the lake. But you don’t have to go that far to see some and photograph some spectacular Alpine scenery:

Mountain goats frequently pass through the area. I had two mountain goats walk right past me on the trail. Here’s a shot of a juvenile goat preening for the camera: