Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge SP12-18

Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon side is waterfall alley, especially in the spring, when the waterfalls are gushing with greatest potency. But attempting to visit them on a weekend, particularly Memorial Day Weekend, is not the best idea in the world, as they are apt to be very crowded, with little or no parking. If you are serious about photographing, say, Multnomah Falls, best get there early in the morning, at least before 9:00 and preferably before 8:00. In the middle of the day you’ll have trouble accessing a good spot from which to photograph the falls and the bridge above the falls will be choked with humanoids:

Horsetail Falls is another waterfall, like Multnomah, that is right along the old road that provides access to all the many waterfalls that grace this section of the Cascades. It’s a tricky falls to find a good vantage point to photograph it: