Red Pandas 2: Stella

Sequoia Park Zoo AU13-172

Stella Luna is an adult female red panda currently residing in Sequoia Park Zoo. The ten year old female has given birth to three female red pandas over the last two years: Mohu in 2013 and Cini and Masala in 2014. As the oldest, maturest red panda in the exhibit, she is also the most dignified and serious of this family of fur enriched quadrupeds. She will tend to take her time moving around the exhibit, as she’s not one to burn useless calories. She’s also the biggest and heaviest of the red pandas, clearly larger and heavier than her erstwhile mate, the slender and lithe Sumo. She slowly and methodically goes about her business, without much fuss or histrionics. Here’s a short video to give one an idea of how she moves about her exhibit and snacks on her favorite bamboo leaves:

Here are some portraits of Stella. As can be seen quite readily — she’s easy on the eyes:

Stella, like her consort Sumo, is an expressive red panda, capable of projecting a variety of moods with facial expressions. There is tranquil happiness:

Mild mischief:



Zen contemplation:

Grim determination:

Satisfaction and contentment:

Thoughtful, contemplative, dreamy:

Sequoia Park Zoo SM13-37

Anxiety and concern:

Amazement, shock:

Like all red pandas, Stella loves her bamboo leaves:

And she likes scratching out those fleas:

Here’s one last image of Stella walking along a tree branch, her mouth stuffed with bamboo leaves: