Mount Rainier 2: Paradise

Mount Rainier SM15-27

From the parking lot at Paradise in the heart of Mount Rainier National Park stem a series of trails taking one close to the immense mountain that rises to the north. With Mount Rainier shrouded in mists and clouds, I ventured on one of these trails in the hope of getting close enough to get a glimpse of the mountain. Snow had fallen in the area the previous night, and there was still slush on the trail:

Carefully I climbed the trail up to a ridge overlooking a canyon, with a flank of the mountain in view ahead:

When I reached the canyon I could gaze away from the mountain and see a long canyon disappearing into dark clouds:

And I could see plenty of snow covered trees:

And a little squirrel in the snow:

Then the mists covering the mountain began to thin:

And suddenly the mountain came into view:

And then the mists once again covered the mountain:

Matters looking grayer and grimmer looking away from the mountain:

The next morning I returned to Paradise, but rain was falling and most of the mountain was covering in a thick mist: