Grand Canyon 1: Afternoon and Evening

Grand Canyon WI15-77

I arrived at the Grand Canyon around three in afternoon, in the middle of February. I parked at the Visitor Center and walked around the rim for a bit. It was fairly crowded, but not as crowded as it would’ve been in spring, summer, or fall. After my walk I returned to my car and slowly made my way to the West Rim Drive, which is closed most of the year to passenger cars, but is open in the winter. Here’s a little map of this section of the Grand Canyon:

The sun was out and the light was a little on the harsh side. Nonetheless, here are some images from the afternoon:

There was a little trace of snow here and there, but not much:

As the sun dipped toward the horizon, the light became more interesting. I wanted to go to Yaki point for the sunset, but the road closed to passenger cars, and I had to settle for some a couple of random overlooks. Here’s some images from that evening: