Day Trip to Oregon Coast 3: Coastal Snaps

Oregon Coast WI13-33

After spending the middle portion of the day photographing the critters at West Coast Game Safari (as explicated in my previous post), I set off to spend the remaining hours of the afternoon exploring the coast. The light was not good for doing photography: sunny and hazy, with a bit of a cold ocean breeze coming off the chilly Oregon coast waters. I swung over to Bandon South Jetty County Park, from where I could view the Coquille River Lighthouse from across the river:

I took a few quick snaps of the lighthouse. From across river, you’ll need a telephoto lens to shoot the lighthouse. My shots ranged from 115mm to 200mm:

Then I did a quick swing along the beach south of the Coquille Lighthouse. This is one of the most photogenic beaches on the West Coast. But that day the light was not good enough to warrant more than a few quick snaps:

From hence I ventured south, stopping for an occasional snap or two as time and circumstance would permit:

I arrived at Brookings just in time to grab this shot at dusk: