Fall Color Report: Pacific Northwest

Multnomah Falls SM14-21

As I drove through the Pacific Northwest over the weekend (September 20 & 21), from western Montana to the coast of Northern California, I had the opportunity to get a glimpse of how the fall color in that part of the country was getting on. I haven’t travelled this precise time of the year through this part of country any time before, so I’m not quite sure when the fall color usually tends to arise in those locales; but from what I’ve seen, I would say that, in western Montana, the Idaho panhandle, and in east Washington state, the fall color, although not quite at peak, is still coming on pretty good. Close to peak, if not otherwise.

Let’s take a glance at east Washington state, not far from Ritzville:

The Columbia River Gorge featured less fall color, but it was there, in sporadic patches. It may be a trifle difficult to spot in the following two images, but it’s there nonetheless in these images of Multnomah Falls:

In Oregon, the fall color was sparser, but there were plenty of hints of color to come:

In Grants Pass, one sees only the barest hint of things to come: