Summer Morning at Crater Lake

Crater Lake SM15-30

Summer time at Crater Lake often means warm days and cloudless skies. But not this summer. After a scorching June, July has been a surprisingly cloudy months, with thunderstorms and showers a not infrequent occurrence. On one weekend, with plenty of clouds in the forecast, I ventured to this crown jewel of the Oregon Cascades. Early Saturday morning, I headed from the Broken Arrow Campground on the shores of Diamond Lake to the Crater Lake rim. The skies were covered with clouds, and it had just been raining, when I reached the rim. This is what it looked like from the western side of the Caldera:

This mists cleared a little later, revealing the following vistas from the western side:

Crater Lake SM15-25

Then I ventured the north side of the rim, from which the following vistas revealed themselves:

Then I ventured to the east side, where I caught a glimpse of the Phantom Ship through trees:

With the skies getting darker, I made a detour to the Pinnacles, nestled on the east flank of the caldera. These are a series of hoodoo-like gray spikes rising above a canyon:

Then, to conclude the morning, I made the short one mile hike to Plainki Falls, getting there just in time to beat the crowds. Plainki falls is the parks most impressive waterfall. It was discovered only recently. Here are some shots of the trail, the creek, and the falls:

It began to rain as I photographed the falls, so I turned around and scurried back to the parking lot.