Glacier National Park 1: St. Mary Lake Area

I have visited most of the National Parks in the western United States and I regard Glacier National Park in western Montana as providing the richest opportunities for the landscape photographers. The park features more and lakes, many of them quite large in size; steeper and more varied mountain canyons; and richer color. There’s simply more to photograph: immense lakes surrounded by towering peaks; ferocious waterfalls and gorges; creek beds decorated by multi-colored rocks; verdant forests and alpine meadows. Another nice feature of the park is the weather. Glacier exists at meeting point disparate weather systems, and as a result you get plenty of good shooting weather with dramatic clouds and picturesque thunder storms. The park has five main sections accessible by car: (1) St. Mary Lake and vicinity; (2) Many Glacier; (3) Two Medicine; (4) Logan’s Pass and high country; (5) Lake McDonald Valley. In this post, I will cover St. Mary Lake and vicinity.

St. Mary Lake is the largest lake on the east side of the park. The area was burned by a bad fire a few years ago. Nonetheless, surrounded, as it is, by massive peaks, it may be the east side’s most picturesque body of water:

The peaks around the lake are impressive as well:

The area around the lake is rife with gorges, fulsome creeks, and waterfalls: