Mount Rainier 4: Grove of the Patriarchs

Mount Rainier SM15-133

Grove of the Patriarchs contains some of the biggest and oldest trees in the entire Cascades mountain range. Situated in the southeastern corner of the park, near the Steven’s Canyon entrance, the grove involves a short trail and a swinging bridge across Ohanapecosh River:

Before getting on that bridge, one must first arrive at the trailhead, and if you’re coming from Paradise, that means traversing Steven’s canyon, which is fairly extraordinary in itself. On the day I passed through, the canyon was draped in clouds preparing for the inevitable rainfall:

The grove itself is an excellent destination on a cloudy day (which are rather common in Washington Cascades). Here are some images:

On the Labor Day Weekend when I visited Rainier one could detect the first hints of autumn in some of the leaves: