Storm Generated Waves at Patrick's Point

Patrick's Point WI12-61

One of the advantages of living near the coast is the quick, easy access to coastal scenery. Dramatic vistas, sunsets, splashing surf, it’s all there. Of particular notice are those occasions, usually in winter, when huge swells generated by massive storms out of sea assault the coast. Great fun can be had photographing these massive waves as they splash against the coast; and few places better to view 20 foot swells hitting coastal seastacks than Patrick’s Point State Park, just north of Trinidad. Here’s a few shots of a catastrophic wave rolling in and splashing all over the place:

The extent of these waves can be even better appreciated on video. The following video starts with some footage (in admittedly non-optimal light) taken at the north Jetty along the entrance into Humboldt Bay. After are some clips of waves crashing into Patrick’s Point:

And here’s a few more miscellaneous shots: