Oregon Coast 7: Fort Clatsop and Fort Stevens

Oregon Coast SP17-205

On the far northern section of the Oregon Coast lies Fort Stevens State Park, the largest park in the Oregon state park system. To the east of Fort Stevens is the town of Astoria, which sits on the Columbia River, the largest river west of the Rockies. Just south of Astoria, on a hill, is Fort Clatsop, where Lewis and Clark stayed the winter after their famous journey across the continent.

Fort Clatsop is now part of Lewis and Clark National Park. It’s a worth a visit, especially if the weather’s overcast. Here’s some images from the place:

Fort Stevens State Park, as one would assume from its name, also contains a fort — but in my brief trip to the park, I did not venture to the fort. Instead, I went to the other famous landmark in the place, the ruins of the Peter Iredale, a ship that ran aground on the beach here back in 1906. A couple shots of these famous ruins: