Favorite Infrared Photos of 2015

Infrared AU15-11-Edit

Here are some of my favorite infrared photos taken and processed in 2015:

HB Bird Refuge IR B+W WI14-9

Infrared AU15-1-Edit

Infrared AU15-18-Edit

Infrared SM15-10-Edit

Infrared SM15-14-Edit

Infrared SP15-5-Edit

Infrared WI14-14-Edit

Infrared WI14-19-Edit

Infrared WI14-47-Edit

Infrared WI14-54-Edit

Infrared WI14-83-Edit

Infrared WI14-95-Edit

Infrared WI14-126-Edit

Infrared WI14-154-Edit

Infrared WI14-197-FC

Infrared WI14-216-Edit

Infrared WI14-218-Edit

Infrared WI14-234-Edit

Infrared WI14-235-Edit

Infrared WI14-238-Edit

Infrared WI14-272-Edit

Infrared WI14-305-Edit

Infrared WI14-350-Edit

Infrared WI14-385-Edit

Infrared WI14-390-Edit

Infrared AU15-7-Edit

Infrared AU15-12-Edit

Infrared AU15-19-Edit

Infrared WI14-82-Edit

Infrared WI14-268-Edit

Infrared WI14-311-Edit