Infared Compared to Visible Light Photography

Infrared SM14-131-Edit

Infrared photography involves making images with a part of the light spectrum that is not visible to human perception — which is obviously counter-intuitive. I thought it would be fun to compare some infrared shots “false color” shots with visible light photography of the same subject. Let’s begin with this red barn:

And the infrared shot:

Other than the sky, completely different colors. With “false color,” we can choose the colors we want, and usually we’ll make the skies blue and let all the other colors fend for themselves.

Here’s a visible light shot of an old brick industrial building:

Skies can tend to get quite dark with infrared. This is even more evident in a black and white version:

Let’s try a landscape scene:

And the infrared version:

And one more landscape shot, starting with the visible light version:

Infrared ColM SP13-31-Edit-2