Zion in mid-Autumn 2: Riverside Walk

In my last post, I discussed my first few hours at Zion National Park. The next day, among other activities, I took a walk on the Riverside Walk, which is a paved trail that begins where the road stops near the far end of Zion Canyon. The trail continues for about a mile into what are called The Narrows: this is where the canyon becomes so narrow you have to start hiking into the Virgin River if you wish to go any further:

In mid-November, there’s fall color among the deciduous trees that dominate this section of the park. The leaves were more abundant in this part of the park, perhaps due to it being more sheltered from the wind. Here’s a selection of photos from that hike:

One issue I ran into is that end of the trail there quite a few people continuing their hike into the river and up the narrow canyon, so it was difficult to photograph The Narrows without getting hikers in the shots: