Day Trip to Oregon Coast 2: West Coast Safari

West Coast Safari WI13-16

As I traveled up the Oregon coast, it more and more appeared like the weather forecasters had lied. Instead of the “partly sunny” they had promised, it was turning into “hazy sun” and, further up the coast, fog. With coastal scenery looking not terribly promising, I chose instead to stop at a private zoo just south of Bandon, i.e. the West Coast Game Park Safari. This particular zoo had a variety cats, monkeys, bears, etc. in cages, mixed in with tamer creatures like goats, deer, and peacocks, which were let loose and could be petted (although they preferred to beg for food). There were any number of photo opportunities. Some of the caged animals were difficult to photograph because of the fencing. But with tigers and lions, there were actually places along the fence were you could stick a camera lens and get a fairly clean look at the critter. The tigers were especially impressive. Here’s a sample of some images I got that afternoon: