The World at 35mm

DA35Macro Test WI15-35

A 35mm lens when shot on an APS-C camera provides what is considered a “normal” point of view. I sometimes find it a bit tight; but nevertheless, I’ve been trying to shoot at 35mm as much as I can the last month or so, shooting with a lens that Mike Johnston, editor of The Online Photographer (and the writer [or culprit] who introduced the Japanese term “bokeh” into the English language), once called “an optical paragon,” claiming that “it ranks right up there with the best lenses I’ve ever used in any format.” I’m speaking of the Pentax DA 35mm f2.8 Limited. It’s the best lens I own, so that, by itself, is reason to try to make use of it. Here are some images from the lens:

North Spit WI15-15

North Spit WI15-4

Xmas Misc. WI15-6

Berry Summit WI15-42

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-86

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-94

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-100

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-103

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-106

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-126

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-128

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-137

DA 35 Macro Test WI15-139

Arcata Bay WI15-5

Sequoia Park Zoo WI15-44

South Humboldt Bay WI15-6

South Humboldt Bay WI15-30

South Humboldt Bay WI15-31

South Humboldt Bay WI15-34

North Spit WI15-36

North Spit WI15-51

North Spit WI15-59

North Spit WI15-83

North Spit WI15-92

North Spit WI15-110

North Spit WI15-114

North Jetty-45

North Spit WI15-138