Morning Fog at Crater Lake

Cascades SM14-486

On my Labor Day weekend jaunt to Crater Lake, I experienced one morning of fog at Crater Lake. It wasn’t, to be sure, all that much fog. Indeed, there was very little of it. But still enough to make things interesting. Generally, it needs to get pretty chilly at night to generate any sort of mist or fog in the morning, so it’s not all that common in the summer. In early autumn, and perhaps in winter and spring, it’s more common. But this particular morning was an unseasonably cold one, and there was one strand of fog which arose over the south end of the lake and quite literally flowed over the ridge to settle over the lake. One could see it approach from the southwest corner of the lake, stealthily slipping over the rim:

Then more came:

It created some interesting lighting effects, particularly with the rising morning sun: