Colorado Plateau Photo Odyssey 6: Colorado National Monument

Colorado NM SP13-47-Edit
Having driven from near western edge of the Colorado Plateau near Bryce Canyon to the eastern edge near Grand Junction, I ventured to Colorado National Monument, which arises above Fruita and Grand Junction with its red sandstone bluffs and cliffs. In my two days there, I spent most of my time in the Wedding Canyon and Monument Canyon section of the park, which is on the north side of monument near the Visitor’s Center:

On my first afternoon there I ventured south to visit places such as Ute and Red Canyons:

I also got a quick glimpse at the Coke Ovens:

But Monument Canyon drew most of my attention:

In September of 2011 I briefly visited the monument and took a snap of this dead tree off the trail in the Grand View Overlook area:

The tree was still there a year and a half later, as seen in the following evening and morning shots:

Dead trees are quite numerous in the monument. Here’s another example:

And finally some shots from Wedding Canyon: