Blooms SP16-536

Photographing water drops on flowers and other vegetation can be fun, especially if you have access to a very good macro lens (and nearly all macro lenses are very good, if not better). Most of these drops were taken with a 100mm macro lens, but a few were taken with a non-macro 50mm lens coupled with extension tubes and a couple were taken with a 35mm macro. All the images were shot in the Sequoia Park flower garden:

Blooms SP16-572

Blooms SP16-554

Blooms SP16-579

Blooms SP16-736

Blooms SM16-459

Blooms SM16-488

Blooms SP16-340

Blooms SP16-370

Blooms SP16-644

Blooms SP16-402

Misc. SP16-169

Misc. SP16-173

Blooms SM16-780

Blooms SM16-811

Blooms SM16-820

Blooms SM16-838

Blooms SM16-848

Misc. SP16-179