Humboldt Bay at 10mm

North Spit AU15-144

It can be challenging to photograph with an ultra-wide lens. In the last ten months, I’ve made multiple attempts to photograph Humboldt Bay, along the north coast of California, with a 10mm lens on an APS-C camera (15mm FF equivalent — reviewed here) with varying degrees of success and/or failure. Below are some images:

North Spit AU15-154

North Spit AU15-142

North Spit AU15-134

North Spit AU15-151

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-259

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-274

Rokinon 10mm Test-96

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-263

Rokinon 10mm Test-122

Rokinon 10mm Test-141

Humboldt Bay WI14-343

Humboldt Bay Misc. WI14-13

Humboldt Bay SP15-5

Humboldt Bay SP15-21-2

Humboldt Bay SP15-23

North Jetty SP15-5

Humboldt Bay SP15-55

Del Norte Pier SP15-2

Del Norte Pier SP15-35

North Spit AU15-54

North Spit AU15-67

North Spit AU15-80

North Spit AU15-84

North Spit AU15-86

Humboldt Bay Evening AU15-231

Rokinon 10mm Test-109-Edit