Zion National Park 1: Eastern Section

Zion WI15-142

Zion National Park is mainly known for Zion Canyon. But it is actually a fairly large park encompassing a great more territory than just the canyon. On my visit to this area in mid-February, I stayed on the east side of the park, rather than the more usual and tourist rich south entrance just outside of Springdale. This meant I had to traverse the Zion-Mount Carmel Highway to get to the canyon. The eastern entrance is twelves miles from where I stayed. Once in the park, you drive through a series of large colorful mountains until you reach a long tunnel which leads you into the canyon:

I made five traversals of the road: two driving east, three driving west. However, only two the trips were taken in broad daylight, and both times it was cloudy. So it was difficult to get much in the way of photographs, but below is a sample of what I recorded on my two day-light passes through this area. First a couple of images of the most famous landmark in this section of the park, the Checkerboard Mesa:

More images of the general area, mostly taken under dark clouds: