Fall Color Report: Klamath River

Humboldt Bay AU14-778

Autumn is nearly done, and so is the fall color — at least for most of the country. Pockets of fall leaf hold-outs may be found here and there, especially in the warmer, more southern portions of the country. But in the west, the last hold out may be along California’s north coast, especially along the Klamath River, where the leaves have mostly fallen, but a few pockets of color remain, especially on the north side of the river, about a mile from where California’s second largest river empties into the sea:

If you look up close, you can see that the larger trees are bare, whereas only on the smaller, brush-like trees do leaves still tenaciously hold on, although even here, we are fast approaching the end:

At nearby Marshall Pond, matters were even worse. Very little color left, lots of bare branches to behold:

In Prairie Creek Redwoods, dominated by the towering evergreens, only the floor shrubbery still show much in the way of color:

Fierce winds are projected to assault California’s northcoast this very week. Any last vestiges of fall should be stripped bare by the pitiless gale force winds!