Photos at Panoramio

Crater Lake AU11-PP 1

While Flickr may be the most popular website for sharing photos, I prefer for a very simple reason: it hooks into Google Earth. Photos uploaded to panoramio, as long they are “located,” will show up in Google Earth at the place where they were taken. This becomes a very useful tool when scouting out potential places to shoot photos. Since many of the photos uploaded that show up on Google Earth aren’t very good, I have tried to do my own part to remedy this fault by uploading some decent shots that give photographers an idea of what a specific location is capable of providing. Google Earth can be a valuable tool for photographers looking for pre-scouting locations. It can provide a much better idea of where to go to get the kind of shots one is looking for.

I have just recently uploaded to panoramio a dozen or so shots from Capitol Reef (along with some shots from the Northcoast of California) to They can be seen here. Most of them have already been placed in Google Earth, and can be seen in that application.