Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center 3: Wolves

Yellowstone SP12-89

The Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center, in West Yellowstone, Montana, doesn’t just feature grizzlies; it also features, just as it title insists, wolves! There are a couple of packs of wolves in different sections of the facility. Photographing them can be a little tricky, as in one section you look down on the wolves and in another you must shoot through a window. Looking down on wolves, obviously, does not constitute the best of angles. Consider this portrait of the following wolf, notorious for having once eaten Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother:

And another wolf portrait with a building in the background:

There are other places where you can only photograph the wolves through a fence:

Wolves like to play fierce games with their fierce jaws:

After playing, they can get a bit tuckered out: