Palouse Falls

Palouse Falls SP12-12

Palouse Falls may be the most stunning falls in Washington state. Curiously, this is not a falls that has anything to do with the Cascades. It is an eastern Washington, in the semi-arid portion of the state. In spring, this portion of the state can be green; and with its rolling hills, it can be quite beautiful. Sometimes difficult to photograph, because everything is so spread out and — always the biggest problem — there’s never any place to stop on the road!

Here’s some pasture land near the falls:

Finding a good vantage point for Palouse Falls can also be a challenge, one which often involves going very near the edge of steep cliffs. The “money shot” for the falls is taken right at the edge of a cliff, as can be seen here:

Those with a fear of heights need to go elsewhere. There are also trail that takes one below the cliffs, all the way down to the falls itself, but that is a narrow trail positioned right on edge of a cliff. The shot from the top of cliff looks something like this:

The gorge below the falls is also scenic:

Other shots of the falls:

I started shooting with a 15mm prime on an APS-C camera, but later swapped the prime for a 24-90 zoom lens.