Superstition Mountains 2: Apache Trail

Apache Trail WI15-15

According to Wikipedia, the Apache Trail was originally a stagecoach road that ran through the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. The road started as a trail Apache Indians used to move through the Superstitions.

Today, a good portion of the Apache Trail is paved, and the section going from Apache Junction to Roosevelt Lake is known as State Route 88:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.27.11 AM

I traversed only the portion of Route 88 that was paved (a few miles past Tortilla Flat). The highlight of the trip was Canyon Lake. I drove the route during the middle of the day, when the light wasn’t that great, so all I got out of it were some quick grab shots:

Apache Trail WI15-1

Apache Trail WI15-3

Apache Trail WI15-6

Apache Trail WI15-7

Apache Trail WI15-8

Apache Trail WI15-11

Apache Trail WI15-15

Apache Trail WI15-16

Apache Trail WI15-21

Apache Trail WI15-27

Apache Trail WI15-31

Also along the Apache Trail is the Goldfield Ghost Town and the Superstition Mountain Museum. While I did not bother stopping at the Goldfield Ghost Town (a crowded tourist trap), a few days earlier I did stop at the museum, where I photographed the famous (or perhaps infamous) “Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel.” I photographed the chapel, a nearby barn, and a windmill:

Lost Dutchman Park WI15-1

Lost Dutchman Park WI15-5

Lost Dutchman Park WI15-8