Infrared in Del Norte County

Infrared WI12-646-Edit

Spent yesterday on a short day trip up to Del Norte County, visiting Crescent City, Smith River, and Klamath Overlook. It turned out not to be a very good day for conventional photography: sunny with cloudless skies. So I took quite a few infrared shots with my converted infrared camera. To get an idea what the infrared does, consider the following conventional color image of the Battery Point Lighthouse in Crescent City:

Note the picture at the top of the page and below of the same lighthouse using the infrared-in-color technique:

Or consider this color image of some redwoods reflected in the Smith River:

Now consider the infrared image:

Or consider this color image from Klamath Overlook:

And here’s an infrared shot from a nearby location:

Infrared photography is a nice way to add interest to photos on those boring, sun filled days where there are no clouds to add interest and moderate the harshness of the sun. Here are more samples: