Route 95 to Death Valley

If you are traveling to Death Valley from anywhere in California north of, say, Chico, it's likely it will be faster driving through Nevada and arriving at your location from the east. Even if you are departing from the Bay Area or Sacramento, while it may be an hour or two longer, driving through Nevada has it's advantages. The approach from the east, through Nevada, to Death Valley is just easier. From the west, you have to drive through several steep, windy, narrow, and potential dangerous roads to get to the valley. The approach from the east is straighter and not nearly so windy.

Approaching from the east requires taking Route 95 south through the Nevada high desert. Depending on the weather, it can be scenic. In bright sunshine or (what is more rare) choked in clouds, it can seem a bit dreamer, but with dramatic clouds and some sun, it can be spectacular. The route takes the intrepid traveller past a large lake (Walker Lake), through several tiny and maybe not so tiny towns, and along many a dramatic mountain range.

Here are a few images taken on a trip down the road in February of 2020: