Bush Dog: Fierce Warrior Pooches

Sequoia Park Zoo WI13-331-Edit

The bush dog—or, rather, Speothos venaticus, as they’re more known in scientific circles—is a canid found in Central and South America. They usually weigh 11 to 18 pounds, making them not much larger than an over sized house cat. But this are fierce warrior dogs, capable of dragging, with their jaws, objects two to three times their weight. The Sequoia Park Zoo has just acquired two bush dog brothers. These two little warrior canids now are running loose in what used to be the bear exhibit. It’s not the best exhibit for photographing small animals, as it is large and the part closest to the viewing area is sunken eight to ten feet, which, if you are photographing an animal, means you’re almost looking directly on top of him; whereas the area of the exhibit that provides a good line of sight is further away, with much of it blocked by trees and shrubbery. Well, despite these impediments and less than optimal light, I managed to grab a few snaps of these fierce warrior doggies:

You don’t mess with this dog! He means business:

One of the dogs had fun playing with a large red ball, which he first pushed into a pond, then retrieved, then dragged to the upper part of the exhibit. Inside the ball was a mouse, which, however, the dog never managed to retrieve: