Patagonian cavies

Sequoia Park Zoo SM12-1030

The Patagonian cavies at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka, California have recently give birth to three little cavies, providing a unique photographic opportunity to the intrepid shutterbug. The Patagonian cavy hails from, well, of course, Patagonia, but also from other places in Argentina. They are large rodents, although they look more like a strange cross between a jack rabbit and a kangaroo. Perhaps they are genetic experiment gone awry. Whatever the case, a new litter of mini-cavies can be fun to photograph, provided the light is good. When young, they are playful little rodents. The adults, however, are severely serious:

After a bit of horsing around, the little cavies get thirsty. They are rather impatient, greedy rodents not accustomed to waiting their turn. The jostle and push and fight each other for first dibs at the spigot: