Favorite Photos of 2016

Of the thousands of photographs I took in 2016, here are some of my favorites, starting with critter photos:

My favorite infrared shots of 2016:

Here’s my favorite 2016 photos of ships and boats:

Sailing Ships SP16-52

Woodley Island Marina SP16-76

My favorite 2016 close-up images:

Blooms SM16-459

Misc. SP16-179

My favorite 2016 images of architecture and other man-made structures:

Humboldt Bay SP16-211

My favorite 2016 images of fireworks:

4th of July SM16-227

4th of July SM16-334

4th of July SM16-341

And finally, my favorite 2015 images of scenics and landscapes:

Gold Canyon WI15-151

Gold Canyon WI15-375

Yosemite WI15-81

Del Norte Pier SP16-4

Humboldt Bay SP16-148

Painted Hills SP16-116

Castle Crags SM16-2

Lake Siskiyou SP16-67

Lake Siskiyou SP16-145

Sequoia Park SM16-358

Berry Summit SM16-42-Edit

Northwest Coast SM16-395