Mill Creek Waterfall in McKinleyville

McKinleyville WI11-29

Despite all the rain that falls in the winter on the northcoast of California, and all the streams and rivers fed by that rain, the coastal region of northern California is not exactly famous for its waterfalls. There are, to be sure, waterfalls here and there, but nothing on a grand scale. One of the better waterfalls is actually in one of the larger towns on the northcoast, McKinleyville. It’s by the side of Turner Road, which is a few blocks south of the intersection of School Road and Central Ave. Okay, it’s hardly a spectacular waterfall and runs pretty dry most of the year, but after a good rain, it’s not that bad:

McKinleyville Falls SP12-10

Getting a good vantage point for the falls is probably the biggest challenge. There is a kind of use trail down to the fall but it’s very steep and perhaps even a tad dangerous. Nor are there many all that terrific vantage points for photographing the falls: