Humboldt Bay 3: Fields Landing to Elk River

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Perhaps the least interesting section of Humboldt Bay is the area between Field’s Landing on the south and the entrance of Elk River into the bay on the south end of Eureka. This is a flat section of the bay, some of it developed, some of it merely cow pasture in private hands. The geography is as follows:

Fields Landing is a small community facing the entrance to Humboldt Bay. If a tsunami were to strike the northcoast head-on, this area would easily be wiped out. There’s not much to photograph around here, unless you like small old houses, some of them kept up nicely, some of them not kept up so nicely. Also some industrial stuff and a boat yard.

There’s a section that, although it looks pretty non-descript during the day, is not bad if there’s a good sunset:

Further north you pass Humboldt Hill area (right before Eureka) and have the opportunity to visit one of the most boring vistas in California, which looks over one of the least scenic spots on the California coast north of Long Beach:

There are two plaques at the vista, one with info about “Humboldt Harbor Historical District”—

— the other about Harold G. Larsen, who enjoys the unenviable misfortune to be memorialized in this unmemorable location:

As we proceed northward we enter cross the Elk River and enter Eureka, the county seat of Humboldt County. A little ways into two there’s a road that heads off to “coastal access.” It’s here we find the entrance of Elk River into Humboldt Bay. Marshy, flat, and not particularly scenic, it’s a favorite hang-out of egrets and other shorebirds, none of whom will anywhere close enough to them to get a picture.

The farthest north reach of this section of Humboldt Bay (just south of the grocery store Rays) is now being developed into a bit of a park, with a parking lot and trails. There’s some abandoned ruins from the days when Humboldt Bay was a thriving seaport and Eureka was being considered as the seat of California’s state capitol:

When you’re lucky, this is a good spot to watch the setting sun.