Sequoia Park Redwoods

Sequoia Park SM16-361

Sequoia Park is a 67 acre facility situated next to Sequoia Park Zoo on the outskirts of Eureka, CA that features walking and bicycle trails through the redwood forest, meadows, duck pond and two small creeks. It’s a challenging place to take photographs due to the over-contrasty conditions during sunlight and the deadly white skies when overcast. But during a summer when the fog rarely ventured into the redwood groves of either Redwood National Park (to the north of Eureka) or Humboldt Redwoods State Park (to the south of Eureka), Sequoia Park was one of the few places left to photograph redwoods. Here are some images taken this summer in this unique city park:

12mm Test SP16-24

12mm Test SP16-107

Eureka SM16-35

Sequoia Park SM16-26

Sequoia Park SM16-30

Sequoia Park SM16-71
Sequoia Park SM16-76

Sequoia Park SM16-82

Sequoia Park SM16-89

Sequioa Park SM16-133

Sequioa Park SM16-143

Sequioa Park SM16-145

Sequioa Park SM16-155

Sequioa Park SM16-157

Sequioa Park SM16-170

Sequoia Park SM16-357

Sequioa Park SM16-202

Sequioa Park SM16-291

Sequioa Park SM16-309

Sequoia Park SM16-355

Sequioa Park SM16-262

Sequoia Park SM16-358